Explore Top 6 Hidden Gems Of Hubli For Monsoon
News Update June 14, 2024 02:24 PM

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Hubballi, aka Hubli is a city situated in the southernmost part of Karnataka State and it is filled with rich culture as well as architectural marvels and natural wonders. The showers of monsoon make Hubballi an ideal place to be visited because the whole area turns out to be a heavenly abode. This season is full of breathtaking sights like greenery and waterfalls that are worth touring. Let’s go through some popular tourist destinations within Hubballi, perfect for monsoons.

1. Experience Calmness and Serenity at Unkal Lake.

Unkal Lake provides a serene environment amid enchanting sceneries where people can relax from their usual busy schedules. It becomes more attractive during the rainy season as its clear waters reflect on vegetation surrounding it. Visitors can also take boat rides on its calm waters or stroll along the beautiful walkway lining it besides finding solace in these peaceful surroundings.

2. Embrace Nature’s Beauty at Nrupatunga Betta.

This hill presents amazing views of green covered valleys across its slopes, making it a must visit place for nature lovers and tourists who love trekking especially during this wet season. Here you will find trails going through forests filled with mist which supplies one with an experience of walking within a cloud; they are also characterized by different species of plants and animals which are found nowhere else except here, naturally created fountains drop swiftly down over these hills into the ground.

3. Find Divine Solace at Siddharoodha Math

Siddharoodha Math, meaning ‘Saint Siddharoodha’s math’ holds special religious significance rendered by its architecture to visitors both spiritual and others alike; It serves as a platform for devotees to seek peace through prayer since there is no traffic noise or distractions around them during these times particularly in the month of August. It is most preferred for religious meditations and other activities done only by spiritual leaders throughout the rainy season when the environment gets very quiet as it does at this time.

4. Get in Touch with History at Chandramouleshwara Temple

Chandramouleshwara temple is a good example of Hubballi’s past which is well preserved within the deity itself although it may have been centuries since it was built; The oldest architectural creation dedicated to God Shiva where carvings are so intricately done, the pillars extremely high and sculptures embellishing its shrine-room beyond imagination. It looks more like a wonder created by some magic spell during downpouring days.

5. Enjoy Sogal Falls: Waterfall Lovers Paradise

Sogal falls situated somewhere hidden among thick greenery of Hubballi hill will definitely thrill you once monsoons start to pour; All along their path, they create an awesome sight as water tumbles over rocks with all its might while surrounded by lush trees in full blossom. An adventurous individual will walk through those paths and come across the base of wet stones where he or she receives refreshing spray from above falling liquid mass.

6. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden: A Place Where Culture Engulfs Nature

Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden has become a favorite spot for tourists who want to experience both natural beauty and cultural entertainment offered there; This huge garden becomes even more beautiful when flowers bloom in various colors and grass grows faster after heavy rains making the place look fresher than before . Such events that include classical music concerts as well as dance shows contribute greatly to turning this place into a family friendly destination too, especially during holidays and weekends.


Monsoon season has come to Hubballi, the city presents a wide variety of interesting experiences. This is because it contains calm lakes and waterfalls that are grand. Besides, there are ancient temples and green hills; Hubballi calling on visitors to embrace its natural resources as well as cultural heritage. The city has so much in store for the monsoon season be it one looking for peace, thrill or spiritual upliftment Hubballi got you all covered.

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