Plan Your Dream Vacation To Kurnool With These Top 5 Attractions
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Tucked away in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool is a city rich with history, culture and natural scenery. Often overshadowed by its more prominent neighbors, Kurnool remains an undiscovered paradise for tourists looking for authentic experiences. We will examine some of such destinations in this write-up to give you a taste of what this town has in store.

1. Not yet Caves

This article begins with the intriguing Belum caves; one of the longest set of underground tunnels in India which are situated beneath the earth’s surface. These grottoes have been curved out over millions years from limestone and have stalactite and stalagmite formations that create an unearthly atmosphere. Here tourists can be guided through this labyrinthine maze that showcases these naturally sculptured wonders and also provides geological knowledge on them.

2. Kurnool Fort

Kurnool Fort, which is poised on top of an elevated rock hill overlooking the town, is a classic example of how historical monuments reflect the cultural heritage of a people. The fort was erected during medieval times and has seen centuries pass by it inside its compound walls. While walking around the vast premises you can observe remnants of ancient buildings like palaces, mosques or granaries. The panoramic views from the fort offer a breathtaking glimpse at Kurnool’s cityscape as well as surrounding countryside.

3. Oravakallu Rock Garden

For those seeking a respite from urban chaos into peace Oravakallu Rock Garden! It lays amidst rough rocks formations mixed with green vegetation offering various recreational opportunities to nature enthusiasts and picnickers alike. Go relaxing along serpentine walkways observing meticulously carved sculptures or laze about tranquil ponds nearby also surrounded by beautifully appointed trees all around your path.The rock park serves as a natural backdrop to those interested in taking pictures of the Kurnool landscape.

4. Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary

Take a wildlife safari that gives you an up-close experience with the rich biodiversity at Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to various plant species and animals including the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard giving one a chance to view wildlife in its natural habitat. Take along your binoculars and look out for some of the rarest predators or migratory birds across vast grasslands and thorny forests.

5. Ahobilam

You can visit Ahobilam, a sacred place where Narasimha is worshiped by pilgrims who come from all parts of India. This picturesque town is nestled among the Nallamala Hills and boasts numerous ancient temples dedicated to the half-man, half-lion incarnation of Vishnu. The hilltop shrines are accessed after trekking through thick woods and rocky lands whereby you can make offerings at lord’s feet while experiencing divine silence.


From ancient caves to majestic forts, from serene gardens to thriving wildlife sanctuaries, Kurnool offers many attractions waiting for you! Whether you’re keen on history, nature or spirituality, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. So pack your bags, set out on adventure and discover hidden gems in Kurnool, India.

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