Karnataka Police Recovers Metal Rods, Wooden Clubs Associated with Renukaswamy Murder Case
GH News June 14, 2024 07:06 PM
Bengaluru: The Karnataka police managed to recover multiple objects that Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa and his close associates used in the murder of Renukaswamy. This man reportedly 33 years old - had supposedly made some disrespectful comments about Kannada actress Pavithra Gowda. The police recovered wooden clubs and iron rods used in assaulting the 33-year-old man. Read on. Karnataka Police Recovers Objects Used Assaulting Renukaswamy Darshan Thoogudeepa and his wife Pavithra Gowda have been detained by the Karnataka police. Darshan is currently taken for 6-day custody to investigate Renukaswamys murder case. Earlier four associates of Darshan revealed that they were paid 5 lakhs each to admit the murder of Renukaswamy. The Kannada actor reportedly bribed the associates to bring Reunkaswamy to the murder spot located in Bengaluru. List of Evidence Recovered By Karnataka Police Renukaswamys assault involved weapons like wooden clubs and metal rods. CCTV footage showed the assailants abducting Renukaswamy and bringing him to the murder scene. Investigators identified the rope used to restrain Renukaswamy. They even gathered the mobile location records of the culprits putting them at the crime scene at the murder time. The alleged transport a vehicle from Chitradurga to Bengaluru was used to abduct Renukaswamy and was tracked down. The attack sites CCTV footage and the car supposedly used to move Renukaswamy’s body were examined. Testimonies related to cases were obtained from the suspects under arrest. Investigators discovered bottles of water and liquor supposedly used by the culprits. The forensic team is looking into Renukaswamy’s attire for further clues. All call records of the suspects were duly investigated. Authorities have meticulously gone through Darshan and his companions WhatsApp chat histories and call logs. They even looked into the call details between the culprits and the sub-inspector. Finally they procured CCTV footage of the car after dumping Renukaswamys body and documented information about the alleged Rs 30 lakh exchanged between Darshan and his associates. In a report by India Today its anticipated that by Friday the Karnataka Police should receive Renukaswamys autopsy results. This will shed light on the exact circumstances surrounding his death. What is the Renukaswamy Murder Case? Renukaswamy was brutally murdered on the June 8 later his dead body was dumped into a storm drain in Bengalurus Kamakshipalya region. His body was brought to polices notice when a food delivery worker observed dogs disturbing a mans remains. The police launched a probe into the matter revealing 12 potential culprits. Based on the specific details in their confessions two individuals Darshan and Pavithra have been taken into police custody for further questioning.
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