Apple faces class action lawsuit for allegedly underpaying female employees
NewsBytes June 14, 2024 07:39 PM

Apple faces class action lawsuit for allegedly underpaying female employees
14 Jun 2024

Apple is currently embroiled in a class action lawsuit, filed by two women who claim the tech giant has systematically underpaid its female employees.

The lawsuit, which represents around 12,000 current and former female staff members, was lodged in a California state court in San Francisco County.

The plaintiffs allege that over a four-year period, Apple consistently paid them less than their male counterparts.

Apple's pay policy under scrutiny

The lawsuit claims that Apple's alleged discriminatory practices are rooted in a policy that sets employees' salaries based on their previous employment.

Before the fall of 2017, Apple used job applicants' provided prior pay rates to determine their starting salaries.

In the following year, the company began asking applicants for their pay expectations.

The lawsuit alleges that these practices led to lower pay rates for women in the workplace.

Accusations of biased performance evaluation
Unfair treatment

The lawsuit also suggests that Apple unfairly penalizes female employees through "scored categories" of job performances that influence pay bonuses and increases.

The complaint states, "Apple's performance evaluation system is biased against women because for scored categories such as teamwork and leadership, men are rewarded and women are penalized for the same behaviors."

The plaintiffs argue that this policy perpetuates past pay disparities and results in women being paid less than men for similar work.

Lawsuit seeks damages and declaratory relief
Legal action

The class action lawsuit is seeking damages and "declaratory relief," as well as repayment of low earnings and benefits due to the alleged discrepancies by Apple.

The plaintiffs are also requesting a jury trial to hear their complaint.

This legal action comes after several female Apple employees spoke out in 2022 about their experiences of sexual abuse and bullying at work, which they claimed were often overlooked or met with retaliation by the company.

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