WhatsApp New Feature: Check How ‘Screen Sharing With Audio’ Will Help You On The App
GH News June 14, 2024 08:06 PM
WhatsApp has been introducing unique features like group calls video calls and deleting messages for all. Now the tech giant has come up with a new update which can enhance your calling experience on desktop as well as for mobile devices. The latest updates will take calling to a new level for users. One of the exciting updates is screen sharing with audio’ wherein users can watch videos while sharing their audio. It will help the user to interact with their friends and family. Whats App New Features For Group Calls The app has also increased the number of participants on a video up to 32 people across all devices. Apart from this the speaker spotlight feature will help the user to know who is speaking during a call as the speaker will automatically be highlighted and appear first on the screen. All these updates  will bring major changes in the quality of calls on WhatsApp and also improve experience in terms of audio and video. Whats App MLow codec Launch The app has also launched the MLow codec which enhances call reliability especially for mobile users. It also improved noise quality and echo cancellation so even in noisy environments calls can be made by the users. It will also help users of video calls to boost higher resolution and faster connectivity. If a users phone has a low network or its an older device the audio quality will be good and clear. 
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