There will be no need for apps like Truecaller, now the caller ID will be displayed automatically along with the number
Rahul Tiwari June 14, 2024 08:21 PM
There will be no need for apps like Truecaller, now the caller ID will be displayed automatically along with the number

Now you can easily identify the caller. Telecom companies have started showing the name of the caller along with his number. The companies have started its trial in Mumbai and Haryana. The government has instructed telecom companies to implement it across the country by July 15.

The department has given instructions

Let us tell you that the names that the companies will show you while calling you will be based on the information given on the form while buying the SIM. The company says that this is being done with the aim of preventing increasing cyber fraud. The name is shown on apps like Truecaller based on the information given while creating the ID. Telecom companies have been ordered by the Department of Telecommunications to do so. Not only this, this step is included in the agenda of the first 100 days of the Modi government.

This was the plan of the government earlier

Earlier, the government had planned to launch a service similar to Truecaller. Under that system, the name of the caller would be shown when he was talking to someone on the phone. In 2022, the telecom regulator issued a consultation paper suggesting ways to implement this system. The regulator finalized the recommendations for network providers like Reliance Jio, Vodafone-Idea and Airtel after receiving inputs from stakeholders and being in touch with telecom companies for about a year.

You will get this option

According to TRAI, network providers across the country will be required to use the name identification provided by telephone customers in their customer application form (CAF). Under this system, all service providers will be required to provide this facility to customers in case of request. In short, the system suggests that the name used while purchasing the SIM card will be visible to the other person while making a call. Also, for businesses that demand a large number of connections, TRAI will also give them the option to show the preferred name instead of the name appearing in the customer application form. That is, the name of that company can be shown.

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