Two films accused of hurting two communities, why did the court ban their release?
Rahul Tiwari June 14, 2024 09:22 PM
Two films accused of hurting two communities, why did the court ban their release?

Two films were to be released on 14 June. However, both got embroiled in controversies even before their release and the court has banned the release of both the films. The first film is 'Humare Barah', in which Annu Kapoor is in a lead role. The second name is 'Maharaj', which is the film of Junaid Khan, the elder son of Aamir Khan, who is called Mr. Perfectionist. 'Maharaj' was in the news for a long time because this is Junaid's first film and through this he is making his debut. Let us know how both the films got embroiled in controversy even before their release.

Let's start with 'Maharaj'. This film was going to be released on Netflix. However, a day before its release, the Gujarat High Court put a temporary ban on it. Bajrang Dal accused this picture of hurting religious sentiments. The organization said that looking at the poster of the film, it seems that a Hindu religious leader has been shown as a villain in it. The organization also expressed apprehension that through this film there is an attempt to defame Sanatan and Hindu religious leaders.

Bajrang Dal had sent a notice to the makers of this film demanding that this picture be shown to them before the release, but there was no response from them. Boycott trends also started on social media regarding 'Maharaj'. Questions are also being raised on this film because Netflix, which is known for promoting its content with great enthusiasm, did not run any promotional campaign for this film and did not release any trailer of this film. In a report by PeepingMoon, citing sources, it was told that the film was not promoted so that no controversy arises regarding the film.

Why was 'Humare Twelve' banned?

Now let's come to the second film, i.e. 'Humare Barah', which is completely opposite to 'Maharaj'. While 'Maharaj' is being accused of hurting the sentiments of Hindus, 'Humare Barah' is being accused of hurting the sentiments of Muslims. This film was to be released in theatres on 7 June. However, the Bombay High Court had banned its release. But then in the next hearing, the court ordered the release of the picture. After that, the makers decided to release the film on 14 June. But a day before that, the Supreme Court gave its verdict, which was not in favor of the makers. In this way, this film could not be released either and the makers will now have to wait till the next hearing.

Some time ago, the teaser of 'Humare Barah' was released, after which the atmosphere regarding this film became heated. The film was accused of insulting the married Muslim women of India, and the film is also against the Islamic faith. The court banned the release of the film and called its teaser objectionable.

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